Certification Introduction

The Bio-Concepts
Measuring & Fitting Custom Pressure Garments
Self-Certification Exam

You want to be confident that your patients will receive a quality therapeutic custom fitted compression garment as quickly as possible at the lowest cost. Following all of the examples and instructions in the Bio-Concepts instructional videos  and the Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual is the best way to ensure this. [NOTE: The Measuring Manual is currently being revised, you will notice some differences in formatting and style, but the basic procedures are all the same. The only major change is to combine the New Patient Order Form with the Reorder Form to make a single Order Form.

We offer ten videos in two formats. To the left you will find links to all of the individual videos separately organized according to the major subjects in the Measuring Manual. You may review them at your convenience.

In addition, we offer a complete online course in measuring Bio-Concepts Custom Compression Garments. You even get a certificate!