Measuring the Hand

Patients may present with any number of deformities, contractions, amputations, and other conditions of the hand that would seem to challenge your ability to take and report accurate measurements. Rest assured we have already dealt with it. We probably already have a procedure in place that will make your life easier. We can’t put them all in a video or a manual, so just call and speak to one of our designers.

We recommend that measurements taken in inches are recorded in a shorthand notation system described in the Measuring Manual. A Measurement of 11/8 inch is written as 11. A measurement of 1½ inches, 1 4/8 inches, is written as 14. We welcome measurements in centimeters. Record these in standard decimal notation,for example, 1.5 cm. Since the majority of measurements we receive are in inches, it is a very good idea to let us know when you use centimeters.

Watch the 8 min. 25 sec. Hand Measurement Video. You will need to have the Hand Measurement Chart and the Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual in front of you. You may stop, replay, and restart the video in order to make sure you understand the material. Click “Next” below, to proceed to the Quiz.

Measuring the Hand Video

The Hand Measurement Quiz