Measuring the Torso

An important distinction is made on the Torso Measurement Chart between torso garments with and without the lower torso (the buttocks) incorporated. The correct measurements for each style are listed on the Torso Measurement Chart.

If you circle a #31 Sleeved Vest or a #30 Sleeveless Vest, for example, but you provide measurements that seem to indicate a Body Brief (#24, #25) or Body Suit (#26, #27, #28, #29), we will have to hold the order while we contact you for clarification. Check which measurements are required for the desired garment and provide only those measurements.

All of the garments pictured in the upper right corner of the Torso Measurement Chart come with zippers except the #34A Sternal Strap and #34B Belly Band. We are occasionally asked to omit a zipper for a vest. This is almost always not a good idea.

For adult females (age 11+), we will require the patient’s self-reported brassiere cup size and the torso circumference over the breasts for all of the garments shown on the Torso Measurement Chart. If the patient has had breasts surgically removed or if the breasts are very reduced, please let us know so we do not unnecessarily hold the order while we attempt to contact you for clarification.

Watch the 8 min. 31 sec. Torso Measurement Video. You will need to have the Torso Measurement Chart and the Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual in front of you. You may stop, replay, and restart the video in order to make sure you understand the material. Click “Next” below, to proceed to the Quiz.

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