Measuring the Upper Extremity

Measurements of the upper extremity can be used in a variety of contexts. You may wish to measure for a separate sleeve, a sleeve with a hand garment attached, a sleeve attached to a shoulder flap, or a sleeve attached to a torso garment (or many other combinations).

The videos and the Measuring Manual describe two measuring methods for the Upper Extremity: the Mark and Measure Method and the Paper Tape Method. We do not care which method you use so long as you use the method correctly. Both methods can provide good measurements. If you do not know which method to use and are just starting out, we recommend the Mark & Measure Method, primarily because that is what we use here at Bio-Concepts.

Choose your method below to view the related video and take the associated quiz:

Measuring the Upper Extremity, Mark & Measure Method

Measuring the Upper Extremity, Paper Tape Method