The Order Form

The measurements are certainly a very important part of the process of creating a quality therapeutic custom fitted compression garment, but the information communicated on the Order Form is going to ensure that your patient receives their Bio-concepts garment quickly and at the lowest possible cost. Incomplete, unreadable, or incorrectly filled out Order Forms will likely result in delays and errors.

For those of you who have been ordering Bio-Concepts previously you may note that the charts and forms you used had something called a “Reorder Form”. We have discontinued this in favor of this new Order Form to be used basically for everything.

Instead of circling the items ordered, we ask that you list the items and the quantities ordered. Keep in mind that anklets, stockings, sleeves and gloves are not sold in pairs.

Watch the 7 min. 20 sec. Order Form Video. You will need to have the Order Form and the Bio-Concepts Measuring Manual in front of you. You may stop, replay, and restart the video in order to make sure you understand the material.  Then you can proceed to the Quiz questions below.

The Order Form Video

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